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Chemical Calculator 6.0

Calculates the quantity of reagent to be used when mixing solutions
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Chemical Calculator is a tool that calculates the quantity of reagent that has to be used when mixing different solutions. It does not matter whether the reagent or a solution is in solid or liquid form. This tool will still be able to do the required calculations. You can also take a printout of the results.

Calculations for a complex solution can be done in seconds, whereas the same would take a lab technician quite a bit of time, and also you would not know whether it was accurate. With this calculator you are assured of not only a quick calculation, but also an accurate one.

The interface is simple, and you start by entering the data regarding the solution you want and the starting reagents, and press the calculate button. A starting reagent solution works with molar or weight solutions. If the calculator feels the need of additional data like density or molecular weight, it will show a bluish green shading in the appropriate box. A database is built into the calculator, and has over 400 names and molecular weights of common reagents, which you can also add to this database yourself.

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